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Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill is an audio project dedicated to the biggest space on earth – the pacific. A project that emerges with a deep and aquatic sound in the first place. It wants to be reproduced on a large system with good subs. Best of all on a sub with good subs, down deep below the sea. Tons of water above and tons of water around with an unbearable pressure.

Bunker Hill is also a project which utilizes topics, scenes and voices from the pacific to weave a dense and mysterious network of ideas. The main name itself is derived from the carrier USS Bunker Hill which was deployed during WW2 in the pacific area in countless battles. Deafstar staff had the chance to acquire original video tapes from the US Forces DRMO (a whole lot, including filmstrips and audio cassettes for a mere Dollar) which cover the war in the pacific.

The tape also showed the deadly attack of two kamikaze (better use the word tokkotai) bombers on the USS Bunker Hill, which couldn´t sink her but left her in state of destruction and chaos. We knew that the name Bunker Hill was well suited for our project for phonetical reasons and contentwise, it was so powerful and also displayed the clash of superpowers in that time: the japanese side with its degree of fanaticism and devotion and the american side with the pure power of outnumbering the enemy.

As years went by this japanese attacks became even more intriguing, when the attacks of 9/11 happened. Both raids followed the same principle: two planes diving into their targets in a suicide mission. And the victims beeing US citizens. After 9/11 it was often reported, that the attacks had something completely inconceivable. They were a tremendous shock because nobody expected such a thing to happen, but nobody expected Pearl Habour either.

»pushing …» video (dizzy:eko:series #1, track 1)

The video footage was recorded in one of the last record production factories in Europe, Pallas Records in Diepholz, Germany. The machinery dates from the sixties and is still fully intact, sometimes it has to be fixed with custom made parts. Big thanks go out to the folks @ Pallas. Watch the video in a bigger size at Vimeo.

The track “pushing …“ by Bunker Hill appears on the first part of the “dizzy:eko:series” available worldwide only on vinyl from the 1.1.11, read more …