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deafstar is just another record label in the universe. Unlike the others we are proud to run our own very special base. Since our vessel allows us to travel safe in time and space, our artists enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on studio levels or leisure decks all the same. We like your little blue planet but prefer to stay a bit away to keep our independence. So while we are on orbit we have a terrestrial office in the very heart of Europe in Frankfurt to contact you people and to get our transmissions done. Unlike the very famous Death Star we are not equipped with those big ray guns, we need our energy for real serious stuff like home growing vegetables and herbs and keeping the sequencers going. So we’re reasonable people, we will only attack you by sonic discs which is generally considered as pleasant.

Our studios are located on a dozen independent levels (boy, we got space here you would dream of). They are famous for their very deep and immersive sound, we have constructed our own subwoofers which supply infrasound as deep as 1 Hz (we got no neighbors here). Humans would call our sound “Dub” as they have no other expression, we would characterize it as the “darthclank”. It is indeed repetitive to a high degree (we keep our polyrhythmic stuff for private parties) and also compatible to contemporary club sounds, somehow it is different from anything else you know. If you happen to produce any similar tunes you can apply for an artist in residence program on deafstar, it contains free organic food, 3d-entertainment and of course a decent studio 24/7.

There are different artists on the label but we would like to introduce the first artist to earth, who will scatter the little black plastic disks on your planet in a very limited number: it’s Bunker Hill. For many years he has been sneaking around the floors of deafstar and sits in the studio room 33, booth 2 every night refining and refining his tracks like a sake maestro polishing his rice. We got plenty of time here, but in the end we had to carry him out of the studio, take his tracks and send them to the guys of Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin to put the whole thing to an end.