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»dizzy:eko:series» – concept

aufkleber-one1The so called “dizzy:eko:series” is a series of three double 12″ records by artist Bunker Hill. It is due to be released on 1.1.11. Each package contains one disc with three tracks and a second disc featuring only images on the vinyl. On the image disc there is no music but spoken word content related to the project Bunker Hill itself. There are also three additional locked grooves. On one side you will find a target consisting out of the areas relevant to vinyl discs: 7″, 10″ and 12″ circles. Only the 7″ space is occupied by auditive “information”, so to say a 7″ single on a 12″ disc. The spoken word material on the 7″ are transferred samples from U.S. army educational material purchased in the early nineties at DRMO.

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