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bot™ is a DJ side project. Since about almost twenty years bot™ spins records mostly of electronical origin he would call bass music of all kinds. He spins only on rare occasions or if friends ask him.

One funny experience dates back to the mid nineties when he was deejaying on the opposite side of Mainz at the border of the river Rhine in free nature, the police came and reported 30 complaints about heavy bass frequencies from across the river from the Mainz side. Another one dates back to 2000 when he brought his own subwoofer to local bar moloko+, which provoked complaints from the 4th floor on top.

During the years 2007/2008 he has played the Rotari in Offenbach which is very sadly closed now, the venture was called “bass meditation” and you can find some flyers beneath. This series is going to be continued now, watch out for notifications …

Update: On August 21st 2010 bot™ and his budy perez limited will deejay at yachtklub Frankfurt. In a babylonic mission they will play a selection of contempory electronic bass music.

bot™ vs perez ltd. yachtklub

bot™ vs perez ltd.